Hi. I’m Your Canning Antenna and Electrician Guy, Steve.

Here in Canning, it can sometimes be difficult to get some of the digital TV channels from Perth. I’m your TV expert for the local Canning area and I can help. You may need to upgrade your antenna to the newest digital standard. We can handle that for you. My installers will only ever use a top-quality Australian made Antenna. We never install cheap antennas, like Bunning’s antennas, because they are not up to the harsh conditions here in Australia. Also, the antennas we use will always work with your new digital flat-screen TV. Once we get your new antenna connected to your TV, we will tune it for you and also set up a home theatre system, if you need help with that. We will make sure you get the best performance from all your systems. Gives us a call and save yourself the headache of trying a DIY install.

I can handle all your TV and cabling needs. If you need to get a new digital antenna installed on your roof, we can do that and also run the cables and connect it to your TV. We will do a very professional job of hanging your tv on the wall also, without wires hanging out everywhere. In case your TV’s signal is weak and unreliable, we will put a good digital TV signal booster on your antenna. Not only will that make your signal strong and clear, it also means we can install extra TV points in every room you want. I’m a cabler and a local Canning electrician and I have an ACMA license. That means that I can take care of all your data cabling jobs, like phone points, power points, TV sockets, camera systems, radio antennas, smart wiring, LAN points and NBN sockets. We can handle just about anything. - CHAT TO US ONLINE NOW!

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